Weak messages create bad situations – David Shrigley

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Édition Canongate, 2014.

A personal message from the author: Lots of individuals in society today are feeble-minded. They don’t know what the HELL is going on. Unfortunately many of these people are responsible for running THE COUNTRY. They don’t know the difference between a PRECIOUS JEWEL and a piece of animal turd. Their ideas areMEANINGLESS, illustrated using RUBBISH imagery (often made by a computer). The stupid words they write are always in BAD FONTS.
Yet still people HEED this nonsense. Maybe YOU are one of these people?
It’s alright. I am here to HELP you. I have a FULLY-COMPOSED WORLD VIEW. I have STRONG opinions aboutEVERYTHING. And my ideas are HAND-ILLUSTRATED and use REAL HANDWRITING that you can trust. I know exactly what’s going on and am WILLING to share my thoughts with you. If you LISTEN to what I say then things will quickly improve.
No more weak messages. No more bad situations. Shall we proceed?

  • 28,5 x 21 cm
  • 384 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1782114031

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