Another art book – Jefferson Hack

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Éditions Bervillé, 2011. Hardcover

The final in a series of three collectable books rediscovering the archives of AnOther Magazine, one of the worlds most influential fashion magazines. Another Art Book looks back on the ambitious artistic projects commissioned exclusively for the magazines pages since 2001, bringing together some of the most iconic names in modern art including Jake & Dinos Chapman, Yayoi Kusama, Hans Peter Feldmann, Yoshitomo Nara, Ernesto Caivano, Keith Tyson, Urs Fischer and Damien Hirst. Opening an early copy of AnOther Magazine, readers were immediately confronted with ten pages filled with nothing but art be it Jake and Dinos Chapmans twisted vision of the Holy Land Experience, a hypnotic sea of dots penned by Yoyoi Kusama, or Damien Hirsts bloody skulls and severed heads shot by David Bailey (deemed so shocking the pages were sealed with glue). AnOther Magazine thereby subverted the expectations of readers accustomed to finding a bank of advertising at the front of magazines. Over the years the format has evolved, but AnOther Magazines unique connection with the art word continues. In 2007 Dress Art paired fifteen artists including Jeff Koons, Annie Morris and John Isaacs with fifteen designers from Stella McCartney to Dolce & Gabbana, and challenged them to create fifteen unique dresses. The results brought together the fields of fashion and art as never before worlds which have since become inextricably linked. Another Art Book follows Another Portrait Book and Another Fashion Book. The series is edited by Jefferson Hack and designed by David James Associates.

30.7 x 23.9 cm
264 pages
ISBN: 978-3865218605

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